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Board of Directors

Kingston Access Services Board of Directors is made up of of:
• Passengers of the service/immediate family members of passengers (minimum 2, maximum 4 members);
• Representative of Kingston City Council (1 member);
• Public members (Minimum 6, Maximum 8 members)

Gillian Moss (Public Member) - Chair

Sharon Cowan (Public Member) - Vice Chair

Muhammad Ikram (Public Member) - Treasurer

Kim Atwood (Passenger Member)- Secretary

Brandon Tozzo (Kingston City Council Representative) - Director

Mike McCue (Public Member) - Director

Isabel Gugenheimer (Passenger Member) - Director

Amanda Stolk (Public Member) - Director

Liz Schell (Public Member) - Director

Eleanor Hands (Passenger Member) - Director

Em Harmsen (Public Member) - Director

To contact the Board of Directors please send an e-mail to

Board of Directors: News

September 27, 2023 Board Meeting

Board of Directors: Text
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