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Effective Sunday, July 2nd our Trip Reservation Office will be open until 4pm on Sundays (currently 2pm).

Upcoming Stat Holiday Service


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Upcoming Stat Holiday Service

Before you book a trip on a stat holiday PLEASE ensure that your destination is in fact open/operating that day.

Service for Thanksgiving Monday (Monday, October 9, 2023):

  • Limited on-road service from 6am to 11:30pm;

  • If Standing Order Trips for Thanksgiving Monday are required, we need to hear from you by Monday, September 18th.  Note: Dialysis passengers with Standing Order Trips will be scheduled however some changes to trip times may be required.  

  • Bookings for Thanksgiving Monday accepted starting on Monday, September 25th; 

  • KAS Trip Reservation Office will be closed on Thanksgiving Monday.  

  • Please ensure that any destination you travel to on Thanksgiving Monday is open and operating BEFORE you call our office to book a bus.  

For more information on stat holiday service please click here 

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Covid-19 Procedures

Kingston Access Services is committed to our passengers, employees, and the Kingston Community’s safety at all times.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, several temporary policies and procedures have been implemented to keep everybody as safe as possible. We continue to adjust those policies and procedures as the circumstances with the outbreak change.  Here is a summary of those temporary policies and procedures:

  • Effective Saturday, June 11, 2022 the Ontario Public Health requirement of mandatory masking on public transit vehicles will cease.  It will be each individuals choice as to wear a mask or not.  We ask that everybody respect each person's individual choice as to wear a mask or not.  

  • Passengers who are Covid positive are not to use the bus.

  • Passengers may request alcohol based hand sanitizer from the driver before or upon boarding, and after exiting the vehicle.  

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KAS Newsletters

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